Restoration Project

Recently I acquired a rusty piece of what looked like a drainpipe. Closer inspection revealed it to be an old Ensign store sign. It is the sort of thing that was outside a chemist of photographic retailers at the beginning of the 20th Century.


First paint the rusty piece with rust cure.

Following drying the piece then looks like this. It has a hard finish that can be painted.

I picked what I felt was the nearest colour to that of the paper backing on an Ensign Roll Film, which this sign was meant to represent.

Next Masking the ends.

And middle so the end caps could be safely sprayed.

Painting the ends gold. To represent the brass of a spool holder.

Next the lettering.

The finished item restored to near its former glory?

The Final product of all the work is a fair restoration of a period shop sign. Left alone it wold have probably rusted away. The pock marks left from heavy corrosion are still visible but it does give an idea of what they would have looked like. Now for a shop to hang it on.