Serial Number Data Project

Please help by submitting the details of any Ensign Camera you may have in your collection. From this information I hope to produce meaningful data on each model of camera. For example, an estimate of the number of cameras produced and the year of manufacture. I have modified this form in line with suggestions I received by mail. Let me know what YOU think.

How to Find Serial Numbers

If don't Know where to find the Serial Number of your camera click here to see photographs showing where serial numbers are located:-  'Serial Numbers - Where are They?'

If you want to see what I have collated so far just click here:-

Serial Number List

Model of Camera:

Serial No:

(See my web page 'Where are They?' to find out where to look.)


Lens Serial number:

(Usually written around the lens mount.)


(Please include details of speeds etc. e.g. Epsilon B,T 1-200)

Shutter Serial No:

(Sometimes found engraved on the shutter housing to the left or right.)

Unusual features, Colour etc:

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If you have taken the trouble to fill out this form, I want to thank you very much. The information will help my research greatly. If you prefer to E Mail me with details of your Houghton/Ensign cameras, just send a mail to:

The Ensign Project