My Favourite Sites

This page contains links to some of my favourite sites relating to photography or collecting. I hope you also find them interesting. Mail me if you would like your site to be added.

Annie and Carl's website is a catalogue of their collection and interests. Their interests are mainly box cameras, though this is expanding quickly and they have a marvellous collection of images of cameras made by a variety of manufacturers. (including Ensign) Some of which I would like to have. Nicely made page.

Antique & Classic Cameras Dan Colucci's page contains many links to other sites that have great photographs of collectable cameras or articles on the history of photography. There are some very nice photographs of his collection.

{short description of image} Antique & 19th century Cameras The golden age of wood cameras lasted from the birth of photography in 1839 to the early part of the 20th century. Rob has some superb examples in his web collection which are beautifully photographed and he includes some related history of the cameras also. The work of a collector with passion. Easily navigated web site with some nice graphics work.

Christian Rollinger's Canon PhotoPage Christian is a Spanish teacher who lives in Luxembourg and has a passion for Canon. His page is very informative and has a number of scanned technical and instruction books available on it as well as links to 'Cool' Canon sites. Incidentally, most of the pictures on this site were taken with my trusty A1 or a T90 so I too love the FD system. Wish Canon were still supporting it.

{short description of image} The Classic Camera A great site with over 1000 pictures and descriptions of Classic cameras. There are also examples of photographs taken with the cameras listed. In English and Japanese.

Classic Cameras Nicely laid out site with info on many German camera makers such as Zeiss Ikon, Voigtlander, Leica, Agfa, TLR's and others. 

Foto Club Antiquario Italiano A small but fast growing page dedicated to the Foto Club of Florence. A work in progress has some great links. 

The Global Card Project G-card is a way to send a greetings message to someone over the Internet. It is a free service and for every card sent G-card gives 1 Yen to UNICEF. I think this is a great idea and a great way to support charity. There are various cards to choose from with different message themes. Highly recommended.

THE Kodak Girl COLLECTION Nice site on Kodak ephemera with some wonderful images. Take a look its fun. Martha also has images from throughout her life as a photographer. A lovely insight into her life and hobby.

Canon F1

Manual cameras A personal view of Classic Manual cameras by N Maekawa. Some good images of the cameras discussed and nice use of sound to enable visitors to hear the shutters. Cameras covered include Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Minolta etc. Nice page by Primo Di Saverio a Voigtlander fan, with a number of illustrations and information on the various cameras plus much more. Lots of links to various collectors sites.


{short description of image}Photographica the Collectors Club of the Netherlands has been establishes since 1977. The club publishes a very authoritative magazine as well as it's 'LBS' a loose leaf series of monographs on camera makers. It also organizes two fairs a year at Houten near Utrecht.

{short description of image}

PhotoGuide Japan This is my favourite site and the most comprehensive and interesting home page I have found. It was created by Philbert Ono and so inspired me that I created a web site of my own. Philbert's site is extensive containing a chronology of Japanese photographic history, information about photography in Japan, a directory of manufacturers, a photo gallery of excellent portraits and a page with information on collecting Japanese postcards. It also has a wonderful collection of old images of Japan. A must for those interested in present day photography or the history of photography and Japan.

Photography Search Engine
Links to various sites of photographic interest includes a useful index.

Topcon Camera Collector Web Site Marco Antonetto's page on Topcon. Although Mr. Antonetto is famous for his book on Italian cameras, he has also written a new book on Topcon with Claudio Russo, giving a history of Tokyo Kogaku Kikai better known as Topcon.

The Magic Reflex Another site by Marco covering the first 35mm single lens reflex camera constructed in a series and regularly commercialized, the Rectaflex. It has the history and a list of Rectaflex cameras and Lenses. A list of collectors sites in both English and German. Some useful links.

Solo Photographic deals in both Classic and Modern cameras as well as photographic books and ephemera. Click camera to visit.

Scott's Photographica Collection is a personal web page by Scott Bilotta outlining his collection. This is however an overly simplistic description of what Scott has done, this easily navigable web site has some excellent images and detailed descriptions of his cameras which includes much of his own original research. Another neat idea are the scanned  patents for the various cameras listed so you can see first hand how the designers ideas were formed. There is also additional information about research and film sizes. Highly recommended for the would be researcher.

Photographica World Magazine

The Photographic Collectors Club of Great Britain Although a mouthful the PCCGB is probably the largest camera collectors club in the world. It publishes a marvellous quarterly magazine called 'Photographica World' and holds regular postal auctions so you can buy those elusive collectibles from the comfort of your own armchair. This site explains how the club was formed, what events it holds and has on-line membership application. Well worth a visit and well worth joining. The London fair is still one of the best in the world.

Photographic Canadiana Magazine

The Photographic Historical Society of Canada As the name suggests the PHSC's home page. Information about the society, research pages and photographs of the clubs meetings.

World Wide Web Photography Sites Lists photographic sites on the Internet. Short description of the site with links. Very useful for research.

Great source of info on cameras and instruction books. Years of work have gone into amassing this amazing collection 

Please e-mail me at the address below if you would like to add any other URL's to the list. Also let me know if you move your site so I can update the links here.