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The pages here are a reflection of my personal interests. Firstly and primarily, I have been a collector of cameras and a researcher of photographic history for a number of years. My prime interest being British cameras, particularly Ensigns which were made by the Houghton-Butcher Manufacturing Company of Walthamstow, London E. 17. One of my other long standing passions is for Japan and its language which I have been studying for some years, so being a keen photographer, I have included some of my own photographs of Japan in Japan Photo Gallery. I also collect Postcards from Japan or those which have a photographic theme so I have included a small gallery of Postcards. There is a page in Japanese 日本語 for collectors in Japan. This was translated for me by Hideki Asakura and I owe him a great debt of thanks for his kindness and help.


Ensign Cameras

An illustrated history of Houghton-Butcher. 

Updated Jan 1st 2001

エンサイン短い履歴  日本語


Everything Ensign Wanted

Cash paid for Cameras, Accessories, Advertising.

Did you work at Houghton-Butcher Ensign?


Ensign (India) Private Limited

Information required about Ensign (India) Private Limited


 Classic Camera Photo Gallery

A collection of photographs taken with Classic Cameras.

Japan Photo Gallery

Photographs Of Japan.

Postcard Gallery

A collection of humorous photographic or camera related postcards.

Web Sites

My own list of Photo-history, Dealers and Camera Collectors web pages.

Ensign Serial No's

Information on YOUR collection needed!

'Serial Numbers - Where are They?'

An illustrated guide on where to look for your cameras serial number.

Restoration Project of old sign


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